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Websites, CB Members

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by derekleffew, May 14, 2008.

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    If you wish, please post your ControlBooth screen name and then the link to your website, be it personal or professional or both. This way we can have them all in one place. Please try to keep the list alphabetized by Member Name. Vendors and Manufacturers: Hopefully we have you under Websites, Manufacturers and Vendors, but if we don't, feel free to add your site to either or both Collaborative Articles. Thanks to [user]TupeloTechieKid[/user] for inspiring this Article, in this thread.

    Click <Edit> below, then: 1) Add your CB Member Name (in alphabetical order please), then a hotlink to your site. Remember to click <Save Changes> when finished.
    Member Name............Website



    •[user]drmafreek[/user] Home Page | Terry Dana Jachimiak II Portfolio

    •[user]dwt1[/user] Sr. Team Emeritus Home Page | Mt. Vernon High
    School Performing Arts


    •[user]Grog12[/user] Vinko Lighting

    •[user]icewolf08[/user] Icewolf Photography or my personal site and my theatre: Pioneer Theatre Company

    •[user]josh88[/user] Blog or my personal site

    •[user]listerofsmeg[/user] Peter Amesbury



    Scott Hali Lighting Designer


    •[user]stephendean[/user] Ramblings of a Techie

    •[user]Thelightguy87[/user] Kellner Lighting



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