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Will 1K PAR64 lamps get hard to find?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Mac Hosehead, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Mac Hosehead

    Mac Hosehead Active Member

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    Shark Tank
    My manager received a notice recently. Although the notice doesn't say, he thinks that this is a prelude to discontinuing them altogether. He says other manufacturers have already announced that they will no longer make them.

    No more wall of PARs?

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  2. JD

    JD Well-Known Member

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    North Wales PA
    We'll have to ask him!
    What does this mean?
    The lamps listed sound like they are the industrial like as compared to the theater versions.
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  3. JAC

    JAC Member

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    These are not the PAR lamps we all know and love, these are long-life and special lamps. The "normal" PAR 64s are available, and I don't believe going anywhere any time soon.
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  4. ship

    ship Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    Doesn't have ANSI codes in description. That said, GE is sold away lamp division as main supplier. Their brand of Corning which makes the lenses for all but Ushio is what ever part GE sold off. As per past postings on this in the past, distributers have lot lots of stock in these lamps possibly due to the long past but famous Corning shut down which for all brands had a huge effect. Should there be a problem, you should not see it like what we saw it like years ago. We all totally over reacted in hoarding. That said, unless head in the sand for the 1Kw PAR lamp, the ANSI 1kw PAR 64 lamps will eventually go away with the rock and roll PAR can sustaining the market. It is already happening with the advancement of LED in a small but building thing. The fewer amount of lamps lamps bought, the less to extinct they will become in quitting making them.

    Plan on them going extinct in the coming years if it helps. Again I have lots of 600w high output versions of the 1Kw lamp bought 20 years ago. Stuff just falls out of practice or is obsolete. LED technology is making the can obsolete.
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  5. RickR

    RickR Well-Known Member

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    Spokane, WA the great "Inland Northwest"
    So Facebook Everything Stage Lighting has this post that the big names are stopping production of PAR64s. A big CA dealer posted that it's wide spread, and this was added.

    Hey @DELO72 care to comment?
    Funny, I can't dig this up on the Osram website...
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  6. techieman33

    techieman33 Well-Known Member

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    topeka, ks
    It was discussed a little bit here. I remember Mark saying in another thread that par lamp production was moving overseas and that they should be shipping lamps again soon. This makes it sound like they're having some problems getting production going, so it might be a while before we see any new inventory.
  7. DELO72

    DELO72 Well-Known Member

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    New Hampshire
    Yup. Those are the ~2900K CCT Architectural Long-life ones used primarily in High School Cafateriums (Gymnasiums/cafeterias) and other places. Those are not the bright ones used primarily in the ENT industry in PARcans or Film arrays, which are the shorter life, high output FF series (FFR, FFS, FFN, FFP). The FF series we have in stock and plan to have for some time. (As long as you folks keep buying them. Don't blame us for discontinuing lamps- blame yourselves and your peers for buying LED fixtures that don't use lamps. If you kept buying lamps, we'd keep making and selling them.) The problems with life-testing long life lamps is the time it takes to test each sample group. And if that group fails, it's back to the drawing board to have the factory make changes, and provide new samples, and then another few months to life test those to see if those improvements worked.
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