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We have a set of Clearcom wireless headsets and we also have some Azden wireless lapel mics. one of headset's frequency is 196.000 and one of the mics is 196.800. this has been causing alot of interfrence with the mic. i dont think i am able to change the headset frequency and the azden is fixed. any ideas on how to combat this?
My only suggestion would be to look into how much it would cost to have the frequency changed on either the mic or the headset. Some times it is as simple as swapping out the crystals but this would depend upon the equimpent in question.

Not all that familiar with clearcom or azden gear.
I've been getting a lot of interference with Clearcoms as well in specific places in the theatre. It's usually mexican dance music but once in a while I've been picking up cell phone conversations which is entertaining but not good for show purposes. I'm looking up changing frequencies as I type this so I may or may not find an answer soon.

Anyone else getting radio signals/mic inerference from Clearcom?
I would call Azden and ask if it's possible to send the mic and receiver in and get the frequency changed. Be sure to tell them what frequncy the ClearCom works on, as well as the frequencies of any other major signals in the area (including TV channels 7-13).

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