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    LED Building Outline Lighting and Plaza Tour

    So main street and 9th at 5:30 this afternoon street q
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    LED Building Outline Lighting and Plaza Tour

    Most likely not - But I'll have to come up with something I suppose.... :-)
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    LED Building Outline Lighting and Plaza Tour

    As some of you may or may not know, over the course of the last 4 or 5 years I have been involved in a project in downtown Fort Worth. It started with one building and has grown to cover several city blocks. With the opening of the Plaza in November of last year, the project is, while not...
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    Who's Going to USITT 2014?

    I'll be there as well
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    Control/Dimming Something Like a Lutron Grafik Eye

    You may have a graphic eye station somewhere in your system, but most likely you also have a panel somewhere that does the actual dimming. Their panel based system can use an ODMX device to take DMX into a Lutron system.
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    EDI MK10 Dimming System

    Are the LED lamps dimmable?
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    Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr - Now With a Hint of Lime!

    The lime green emitters take the place of the white emitters in the array - as I understand it. I'll know a lot more after I see one in person at USITT in a couple of weeks.
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    Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr - Now With a Hint of Lime!

    And all of the new stuff will be at USITT in Fort Worth too. And from the marketing email : The Source Four LED Series 2 is being introduced at $2,395 and will begin shipping on April 1st. We will continue selling the original Source Four LED™ at its current price of $1,995
  9. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Collaborative Articles</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Dimmable Flourescents

    All fluorescent fixtures, before dimming, should be burned in for at least 100 hours. If that is not done, it will dramatically shorten the life of your fluorescent lamps, as well as lead to other problems with the dimming curve. Turn on the lights, an...
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    C21 Ethernet Protocols

    Is this going to happen anytime soon?
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    Chauvet Colorado 2 flickering

    IF you go into the settings of the console - what you are looking for is a setting called DMX Speed. It is probably set to Max. Take it to one of the slower options. And try it again. Chauvet has had this problem for years with many of their products. But this is the first I have heard of it...
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    Control/Dimming Analog to DMX (s/b DMX-to-Analog)

    Yes I do work at the Edwin Jones Company. No we are not a manufacturer (or even an installer for that matter) We are a manufacturers representative. However, more than likely, his system has an EJC sticker on it because we service many different dimming systems and could have sold the system...
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    Conventional Fixtures Water Resistant Lighting Fixtures

    Lighting solutions for Theatre, Film & Television Studios and Architectural spaces : ETC
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    Control/Dimming Flipping DMX output on an EOS

    If you created the new color string on the new fixture and swapped the new fixture with the old.... that should replace all of the values in all of the cues correctly..... I think....
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    Conventional Fixtures ETC goes BakPak !

    Yep. And if you look at the products that have come out in the recent past (CEM3 Power Control (It's not just a dimmer rack anymore) as well as the Thru-Power Module) you will see vast evidence of this.