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    USB To DMX Adapter

    I'm order to use show express, you're going to need chavet's ShoXpress 512 Dmx controller. It doesn't work with other controllers (they won't make money any other way) Sent from my HTC DNA via Tapatalk Pro!
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    CO2 freezing

    Ill do that. Yeah, it's a long blast to be sure and very humid here. Thanks! Sent from my HTC DNA via Tapatalk Pro!
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    Best Fog Machines?

    At my company we use and love our 1800 flex. Fairly heavy on fluid consumption, but they put out tons of fog as well as being able to turn into position to jet fog wherever you need. Can be set on the floor and shot up, or mounted to truss and shot down. Sent from my HTC DNA via Tapatalk Pro!
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    CO2 freezing

    Hello, I work with a production company south of Atlanta Georgia. Currently we are tasked with creating a couple areas for the Falcons pregame fan experience and part of our rig include CO2 cryo jets. Our problem is that a few of our jets or heads if you will freeze up. Yeah, cold stuff...
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    Using Lasers The Right Way

    Lasers will destroy cameras and projectors. They go through the focusing lenses and destroy the optics chips. The effect is much worse on a DLP Camera / Projector. Always cover your cameras and projectors prior to and during focusing. Reflection is always a risk, but it's one of the chances you...
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    Baylor theatre technology

    In all honesty, you're asking the wrong people. You should contact your theatre department head and ask them who to speak with about these questions. Then, as that person everything and get their email in case you have more questions. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need for your...
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    Need input on how to light this...

    Re: Lighting Tech Tattoo Ideas Crazy colorful bad*ss lightning bug with a source 4 in place of its thorax? Call it the big bad lighting bug? Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
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    What do you EDC - Pictures

    One never knows when they will need a keyboard/mouse combo! Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
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    What do you EDC - Pictures

    Everywhere I go... oh, plus my HTC DNA.. had to take the picture with that. Once I get busy again I'll add E-tape, a meter, 2 pens, and a sharpie... luckily we are slow this month :P
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    Favorite Multi-tool Brand

    I have a leatherman "rebar" at the moment. It's alright, but I miss my Gerber Flik. Got stolen off of a 12ft ladder a month ago. Good thing about the Rebar is the cutters though.. It cuts aircraft cable..
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    Control/Dimming Legrand Ground Continuity Monitoring Connectors

    Maybe if you're going to use them for a break in/out on a socapex run to help identify which circuits are hot and/or identify where you may have dead pin inside your run; but as far as having one on each and every cable, that just seems like too much money (We have these plugs as well, they...
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    Using Lasers The Right Way

    For our company to be allowed to operate our high powered lasers, one of our technicians (our manager specifically) Had to attend a class covering the operational safety and legal requirements of the device before our company would be "Certified" to use them. They went over the basics in the...
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    Hello, I've just joined the board after browsing your forums for quite a while now. I am a master electrician for a mid sized production company south of Atlanta Ga. My main job in my company is to maintain, prepare, demonstrate, coordinate, and operate rentals of our lighting and scenic...