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    Automated Fixtures Comments on HES X.Spot Xtreme

    I just left college where we had five or six(both 2:1 and 4:1) in stock. To put it briefly, there's a reason they're so cheap... They have a good feature set(CMY, CTB, CTO, 3 rotating gobo wheels, iris) for the price(~$1500 used), but they're not the sturdiest unit and definitely not the...
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    In what mode do you run your RVIs?

    As long as the designer has access to the RVI face panel, I like to devote 2 macros to switch users(you could do the same to toggle mirror mode too, I guess). That way, they can follow you when they want/need to and stick with the display they want when you're cleaning-up or checking anything in...
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    Eos RVI Page Up/Down Button?

    As much as I love X-Keys, I feel like their cheapest product(~$100) has to be much more expensive than PRG's two-buttons-on-a-RadioShack-project-box solution...
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    Control/Dimming So..... What are your Favorite Macros/ Cheats?

    That is what I meant. Perhaps "huge pain" was an overstatement...
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    Control/Dimming So..... What are your Favorite Macros/ Cheats?

    I have a macro(in background mode) that does this with the following keystrokes: [Blind][Cue][Part][2][0][Enter] [Enter] [Mark][Enter] [Live] It then fires a macro that labels the part "Mark." As an aside, labeling through macros is a huge pain. The best way I've found is: [Label] "M" {Macro...
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    Ghosting dimmer pack

    Nothing to add solution-wise, but this same thing happened to me earlier this year with one of the old UL360s. 900w incandescent load, though ghosting was slight enough to not be noticeable without getting right up to the lamps. Also, ghosting persisted even when signal was completely removed.
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    Express & Expression issues (possibly midi?)

    I can't speak to any of your midi/output issues, but I can say that I've seen that very steppy dimming issue on multiple Lep packs, mostly the ULD 360. Also, if you're crashing multiple, otherwise stable systems with the same midi triggers, is it possible that this is where the issue lies? Seems...
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    USITT Tech Olympics

    I competed two or three years ago. Events I remember are hang/focus a light with a gobo, wire a 2P&G plug, set up a basic sound system, perform a quick change, and tape out a ground plan. As for sign up, I think you can sign up at the door the night of, but I'm sure someone at the check in desk...
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    Control/Dimming So..... What are your Favorite Macros/ Cheats?

    I'm probably missing something, but why not just make +/-5 and +/-1 macros? [Channel Selection][Frame In 1][-][1][Enter] seems to do what I think you're trying to do, but again, I'm probably missing something.
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    C-wrench discussion

    I got one for Christmas, but only just recently tried it during a hang. A cool idea, but they don't work on square bolts, which is a bit of a deal breaker.
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    New ETC Fixtures (Including ETC FRESNEL)

    Haven't used, but have seen. Nice and bright, lamped at 750w they at least match other 1000w fresnels. Lamp changing mechanism is nice and easy. Heavy though- near 20lbs.
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    Ion Improvements

    A small one, but [Shift]+[Number] to bring up addresses would be nice. Saw the address/patch key in the 1.9.8 key cap kit and got even more jealous of Eos and Gio.
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    C-wrench discussion

    I tried the FFT this summer, but I think I ended up using it as a bottle opener more than a wrench. I was doing a lot of focusing on booms w/ sidearms and I found that it slipped on the yoke bolt a lot. URFT for a load-in, speed wrench for a focus(with a 6" c-wrench in both cases) is my...
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    HES x.Spot Data Issue

    Thanks for all the input. I gave a call to HES tech support the morning after posting and they suggested many of the same things you guys did. Eventually, we traced the problem to the CPU(likely a bad DMX receiver as, HansH suggested) which was a painful $325 to replace(especially when, given a...
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    HES x.Spot Data Issue

    Posted in the HES forum too, but here in hopes of a faster reply: I have a 4:1 x.Spot with around 2000 hours on it and when I came into the theatre this morning, I discovered it wouldn't strike on startup or respond to data from the controller(ETC Ion, running 1.9.8). The fixture displays...