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    Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...

    Sadly don't have many pictures of it, but this was a very nice shot that was taken of the opening of a Student Worship night i was involved with at my church. While i was not directly involved with any lighting or operations of the night, i had some input on what would look good during the show...
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    Opinions on this show?

    About 2 or 3 months ago, i programmed a light show on a Jands Vista T2 for my church's youth choir. The shows were completely automated, and being fired out of QLab running on a Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion installed. While everything went very well, i'm actually curious what you guys think of...
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    Who would be interested in a pair of Kliegl Bros. #3525 1000W Fresnels

    I'm actually somewhat interested in these. They would be great for some floods or spots for the front of our stage. (It's hard to hit it with wash lights)
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    Has anybody used these amps?

    Yeah, this has football or basketball stadium written all over it. I wonder what the sound quality is like... that's a ton of power in a VERY small space.
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    Chunk of concrete falling from the ceiling.

    I feel your pain with just being a student helping out at a school. I'm glad things got taken care of though... If the ceiling was falling at my school, i would have made sure every principle and teacher knew about it, and it looks like you've done the same.Schools have a very tiny budget...
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    Losing interest in tech theater

    Been there, done that. Half the people that come into my school's auditorium want some crazy lights or sound that our system just simply can't do. I just calmly explain to them why it can't be done, offer an alternative, if i can think of one, and then move on... Theatre tech is a lot of fun...
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    Conventional Fixtures HPL exploding when being installed

    When you point the socket away from you, i've found that it actually makes it EASIER to get the lamp into the socket, as you're basically just bracing the socket against your palms, and then you can put as much pressure as required (or possible with your hands) onto the base of the lamp until it...
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    Help: LED and Smartfade 1248

    Each color should have a channel of its own. It looks like you don't have a ton of channels to play with on that board, so i would set it up in 3 channel mode, and then you can individually control the brightness of the red, green, and blue LEDs, which gives you color mixing. I don't think the...
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    Overloading Dimmer without blowing it up?

    I would LOVE to have a lighting patch bay, but we don't have one. Everything is straight out of the rack to 2 or 3 outputs on bars over the stage. (We don't even have real lighting truss here)Like i said, i would NEVER overload something like that or try to pull that much power for long. It...
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    Overloading Dimmer without blowing it up?

    Thanks for all the replies :)The end solution is looking like 4 600 watt lamps on that circuit. I did everything i know to try and trip the breaker (Bumping, leaving it at full, and then cutting off, letting the lamps cool, and bumping again) and it didn't flinch. Even with an extra 750 watt...
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    RCF/Mackie/EAW DX8 with DX10e expansion card

    I'm thinking it's an issue with the serial link, but i don't know what it would be... I'm using a Keyspan USB-Serial converter. It seems to send data, but the DSP doesn't receive it... I'm sure it's a configuration issue, but i don't know where to start...
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    RCF/Mackie/EAW DX8 with DX10e expansion card

    I did, but the person i needed wasn't available. They did refer me to another company that then said that the DX810 software should work with the DX8 with the 10e card, so i'll see how well that works tomorrow... I did try the 810 software, but it wouldn't go online, and it didn't seem to want...
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    RCF/Mackie/EAW DX8 with DX10e expansion card

    Hi guys!So, my school has a Mackie DX 8 with the DX10e installed. We were considering replacing it with an Ashly, but when i dug into the firmware and looked up specs of the thing, it turns out this guy is more than capable of doing what we need it to. The problem is this, though.I can't...
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    Overloading Dimmer without blowing it up?

    I'm needing coverage. Lamping down might be an option, but i'll have to check to see if we have any smaller lamps. I'm thinking i could get away with 3 lights hitting the area in front of the stage, though. The more i think about it, the more i'm liking the idea.
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    Overloading Dimmer without blowing it up?

    I can't really come up with a diagram.The way the system was installed is with each dimmer output having 3 connections on the stage. We NEVER use all of the lights at the same time. We have two sets of gelled lights and then white, with most of the lamps being 750 watts. It's not 2.4KW, but...