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    Landing a Summerstock Job

    I love this "magical formula" lol! I worked at six flags in high school as a lighting tech, then i did a small summerstock at Uconn (not my college but a college) this past summer i did Santa Fe Opera (5 show rotating rep). I agree this process has worked out quite well for me! Kind of a young...
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    Control/Dimming ETC Ion- External Monitors

    So you have successfully used this to add more outputting monitors? Extended views not simply a duplicate of the primary?
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    Control/Dimming ETC Ion- External Monitors

    Is it possible to set up the ETC Ion with 3 external monitors? Has anyone done this successfully? If so, would a DVI splitter work? thoughts?
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    Control/Dimming GrandMA1 - changing the IP address

    I'm attempting to connect the grandMA1 with the 3d visualizer (which i did earlier this week until some came and adjusted setting and won't contact me back). My issue is that I can change the IP address in "MA Network - Consoles" to anything except which is what i need it to be. any...
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    Vectorworks Spotlight 2015- 3D drafting of plot

    Is there a way to hide the 3d object version of a light or symbol in 3d but still see it in 2d? I have a plot drafted 2d/3d and I want to exclude my elevations of the booms from the 3d view but still have them in the top/plan view. any suggestions? same thing with the scale I have placed on the...