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    Strand Architectural preset panel issues

    Hello All I have a Strand Lighting system. With CD80sv rack and what I believe is Outlook series Architectural panels all circa 2004-05 era. I had the cd80sv brain serviced two years ago everything was fine for a while but now I am having some issues. When I press the preset buttons sometimes...
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    Motor Cycle indoors?

    For our production I converted an 83 Honda Shadow i found on craigslist to electric drive using a power wheel chair motor. The bike was a shaft drive so all we needed to do was machine a coupler between the wheel chair motor and the drive shaft, we did remove the real motor and built a fake...
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    Large Format Printing

    I have used digitally printed drops from Jaduke Scene shop They have looked fantastic. They are dye sublimation printed on a lightweight fabric not vinyl. They are seamed horizontally in five foot high sections but completely unnoticeable on stage.
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    we picked up a mid 80's shadow that didn't run on craigslist for 100 bucks then converted it to electric drive using a power wheelchair motor.
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    Traveller operating lines

    Thanks to everyone for the replies, After looking at the path of the rope it doesn't look like i could splice in a piece due to the guides and pulley locations. So until I can restring new lines. I am going build an "I" shaped extension that will be bolted to the tension block with bolts on...
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    Traveller operating lines

    about 18" off the floor.
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    Traveller operating lines

    Hello all We recently had new curtains installed on our High School Stage and due to some height issues we ordered the new travelers and Main curtain about 18" longer than the previous curtains. Unfortunately we didn't think about the fact that the operating line and pulleys will no longer...
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    Opp vs Op

    12 replies and no Naughty by Nature reference yet .......disappointed
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    What would you buy next for my venue?

    I was very intrigued by the whole Basketball court stage setup so I goggled it. I assume this is your facility...
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    What paint do you use on your stage floor?

    We have been using this since we overlaid the stage with hardboard a few years ago it has held up really well.
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    snow machine rental

    not my choice that is for sure, but it should make renting drops, costumes etc much easier since no one else will be doing it at that time. -T
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    snow machine rental

    I'm looking to rent a snow machine/machines for our spring musical,White Christmas. The director wants lots of snow over the audience and stage. I have worked with the smaller foam based machines but I need something bigger to cover an 800 seat house as well as the stage, We may do a sling or a...
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    Bag for a Tech Kit

    I have been looking at these two at Home Depot, but I haven't purchased yet one with laptop pocket ( less tool space) without laptop pocket ( more tool space)...
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    CB Fights Leukemia in memory of MuseAV!

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    Performance evaluation

    Jen - thanks for the suggestions. I do plan on skewing the questions in my favor as much as I can. Josh88- I have been here since fall of 06 so if your roomate was here and did anything in the performing arts they would know me. Footer- I don't necessarily agree with everyone getting to...