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    Directors Gift

    We are staging "Once on this Island" as-in the musical that reciveved a Tony Award a couple years ago.. We have all been keeping our ears open to listen to him complain about stuff, to get ideas on things we could get to make life easier for him Our budget is about $60.. give or take just...
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    Directors Gift

    Can anyone suggest a directors gift.. I'm having a tough time thinking of anything! My cast and crew has no idea, and this is our directors first time working with us! any suggestions?
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    VHF Radios + FOH Equipment

    Im looking into some VHF radios for our venue staff. Going between these two makes: RDV 2020 On-Site Two-Way Radio - Motorola USA Blackbox Radios But choosing is not my only problem. If we end up purchasing these VHF's I would like to have a base station in the booth just because alot...
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    Outlets powered by dimmer rack-Problem?

    I'm not going to get into specifics, becuase I don't know them Haha But anyways, in my theater, our booth is hooked to regular building power, and is also hooked into the emergency generators just incase of a power outage, we can make annoucements and have a way to alert out building in an...
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    Auditorium "Contract"

    Ohh My! this is no where near being finished, I was aware of that too! Nor is it proper english. It was just some quick notes I took that people were mentioning in the meeting another day. I couldn't wait long enough to get the final set of notes, so i typed mine down quickly. Thanks for the...
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    Auditorium "Contract"

    Just before I get back into the theatre season and people start using the auditorium I'm managing (After the big renovation!) We want to set a basis of rules just to make sure everything runs smooth. Take a look adn let em know if you think I should change somthing or add somthing. Some stuff...
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    2 way radio Opinion

    Just got a brand new set of theese.. I didn't really look over if they'd be for you.. but I know they are priavte, havent had interference at all yet, and i dont plan on it. they're called: TriSquare TSX300-2VP
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    Renovations -The Close-up

    So over the summer, my auditorium is being closed down due to a school bond project. Im getting new paint, seats, carpeting, doors, and panneling out of it. To the point, its going to be super "dusty?" to say the least. you know teh construction hazzy-ness. So to protect my equipment I have no...
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    Bump Fade

    I'm more of a sound person... and yestarday working around the stage, I heard two people talking about cues and what not, running an upcoming show and discussing about a bump fade. I just know it has to do with lighting.. but no idea what a bump fade is. Can anyone fill me in?
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    Lighting My Scrim

    Similar to a scoop, and that the effect I get, I kind of prefer it, Just becuase i've never really seen how it should be done. Plus, I do have some Cyc fixtures. It's all going to be experimentation.
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    Lighting My Scrim

    I can see what I can get together.. Your correct. I'll have to play around with some things and see
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    Lighting My Scrim

    Next week I have a group coming in to put on sort of a talent show/an excuse to perform on stage. My no means, i don't mind Usually for shows they want me to design, i like to use my scrim, and change the whole color of a scene, jsut somthing I prefer last time I did this, i lit from the...
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    rechargeable batteries w/ wireless

    Hello, Hello. Just a quick question... My budget will open up in exactly one month, and ive started a list of things I would like to have for next year...Searching through a catologue, i saw rechargeable batteries. My question: Has, or does anyone use rechargeable batteries with their...
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    Radios into Wired Intercom

    My Appologies, Sorry
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    Radios into Wired Intercom

    We were already told that FRS are illegal for commercial use.. But it we were to? or use 2nd class bussiness radios....