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    What kind of console should I purchase

    I Thought it would be a good idea to give a progress update to those who were probably interested and get some some feedback. I ended up using the venue magic software as console substitute. The video below is a song i used to test what i wanted to do. I tried to incorporate all sounds into 3...
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    LED Parcan Question

    I tried my hardest not to post this question because of its simplicity but after hours of searching and no luck I have to ask. Are there any par can lights that are capable of producing every color in every bulb without color mixing? Or at the very least are there any par cans that do color...
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    Sup everyone

    My name is Josh. I'm 25 and I am new to the lighting scene and Control Booth. Looking forward to a career in concert lighting. I am trying to develop a synchronized lighting system where I can take the sounds and feelings that you get from music, and turn it into a concert effect where everyone...
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    What kind of console should I purchase

    Im looking for excessive control to the point where it could seem automated.
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    What kind of console should I purchase

    Not sure if this is the best or specific place to post this. I am new to the lighting scene. My goal is to create a lighting concert where I can use lights to go with music. im looking for a console where lights are able to synchronize with every second of sound. They also need to be able to...