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    wind and microphones for outdoor theater

    We are putting on a show in an outdoor theater location this summer. I am being told that the mics we have are getting too much wind noise. Yes, we are using the windscreens. Is there a type of microphone designed for use outdoors that minimizes wind noise?
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    Conventional Fixtures Bottoms of lamps being burnt; S4; 5/50

    This thread is five years old. Does anybody know of a good source for 5/50 bulb bases?
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    Control/Dimming "patch by channel" vs. "patch by address"

    We are learning to use our new ETC ION. Can someone explain the advantages and disadvantages of "patch by channel" and "patch by address"? I'm old school and am used to patching circuits into dimmers (a.k.a channels).
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    I can understand LED for cyc lighting and specials. I'm not sure about area lights. Shows I have seen done "professionally" seem to still use a lot of standard instruments. I saw a show at a community theater that used all LED lighting. The lighting never looked natural. Is there a thread...
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    Someone mentioned moving lights. The school district just installed the "wiring" to "get ready" for "LED and movable" lights. This seemed odd to me. AC power is still AC power. Yes you need to add DMX connections for control. I thought they would just run DMX to each circuit connection...
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    I did tech theater all through high school in the early 80s. Our Tech Director drilled the McCandless system into us. Fast forward to 2015 and I have sons doing tech theater in high school. When I start talking about McCandless, two lights from the front at 45 degrees, warm and cool, one or...
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    Clean up of True North snow fluid

    We just bought two new Ultratec snow machines that use True North fluid. It is supposed to be just water and bubble. These machines are leaving a sticky film on everything. Any recommendations for cleaning this stuff up. I tried rubbing alcohol on some mic cables and it did not do any good...