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    Control/Dimming Lifespan of a Lighting Console

    There was once a major manufacturer who was a market leader and invator but they had short support life and 3 years after you bought into their line it was like. (A wee bit of sarcasm here) “Oh we don’t support that model, please ask your dealer for information on a new desk to replace your...
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    Proper way to use cheeseboroughs

    Beware of the hand who only has a 12" C-wrench to work with.
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    Three Local #1 stagehands injured at Golden Theatre.

    looks like they updated the story to read "a piece of rigging equipment " the headline remains Hope these guys are on the mend!
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    Help sourcing a spring

    I think slamming back is about 80% of the action for a pin ball plunger, why get rid of something that is so much part of the game?
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    Help sourcing a spring

    I never have tried this but there are a number of videos out there telling how to make your own spring. Is just one Or
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    Buying Mac for Qlab

    For some reason this sounds like the voice of experience.
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    Hard to open and close curtains

    Was the old line chewed up/worn in any way? I had a spot where the end eye stop did not line up with the sheave. I had to add a few more threads to the eyebolt. Much fuzzy stuff gatherered about the spot. Also had trouble from tape spikes that were not applied properly. You say “3/8” rope” but...
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    tech theatre teaching tools

    Day one... safety, then history (Safety First) I would include basic ladder safety, even if students cannot use ladders. More importanly what not to use as a “improvised” ladder.
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    What does ND mean regarding a plug on a pipe?

    It’s so you can plug your engine block heater in when you are at work and it’s 40 below zero ( Fahrenheit or Celsius ) outside. Otherwise you go out and try to start your car every two hours. To reduce auto emissions you plug in at +20F other wise the EPA tries to tell entire community’s to...
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    What does ND mean regarding a plug on a pipe?

    I suspect the relay boxes still exist but the control panel went away. Start by snooping around your breaker panels. Make note of any out of the ordinary load labels. Any odd breakers in the patch bay? My old place had the GE RR7 types for work lights and such along with a separate Strand panel...
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    Conventional Fixtures Is this the right bulb?

    Crushed Borosilicate and shattered quartzite for fertilizer. I do have breakdown issues, but I suspect that’s ether age related. Or mental.
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    Security Theater

    I recall Ron jr.’s security detail liking a sign we had in the scene shop that said something like “Sam’s Masculinity School, ... Dance In - - Walk Out”.
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    Conventional Fixtures Is this the right bulb?

    I can never get these bulbs to grow. When I plant them in the ground do they go base down or base up?
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    Hard to open and close curtains

    All of the above, plus Is the curtain properly trimmed? ( not dragging on floor) Are operating lines twisted?