1. D

    Apollo scroller squeak- maintenance suggestions?

    Hi all- looking for some advice with troubleshooting scroller sound. Several of our fixtures have a long slow squeak when scrolling between colors. I’m the visiting LD, and the td does not know the last time the scrollers were serviced. Is there a lubrication protocol for cranky scroller motors...
  2. Kelite

    Apollo rebuilds!

    From Joel and Keersten Nichols, owners of Apollo Design Technology:A new year is a chance to rebuild for all of us. For Apollo, Blue Pony and Avid Labs this will be a rebuild in a big way. December 9th we had a fire at our facility that destroyed it. No one was hurt and we are truly grateful...
  3. JcherneskyLDME

    Apollo Simple Single Rotator troubleshoot.

    I have a simple single unit that doesn't seem to respond to power at all. Any recommendations before i disassemble this thing?
  4. Jeremy Kalisz

    Apollo Smart Color Pro 7.25 ERR Message

    Hi all,Recently I just worked on a show where the university bought new Apollo Smart Color Pro 7.25 scrollers and 5 of the 10 that were used for the show displayed an error message after one particular cue. When we investigated the cue, we found that the scrollers were going to the last frame...
  5. Kelite

    Virtual Wedding Gobo App

    Greetings, ControlBooth friends!Keeping in mind 'a picture is worth a thousand words" and the challenge of explaining a custom gobo to a bride... we've developed a fantastic app for that!
  6. Kelite

    Wedding Gobo App from Apollo

    The Wedd vGobo™ App by Apollo allows you to virtually project more than 20 of our most popular wedding templates featuring real-time customization using your iPad or iPhone.* Download the app, select the wedding gobo and font, key in the couple's information, and voila!Aim your camera to...
  7. ApolloDesign

    Printed Gel??

    We'd love to hear your opinion.
  8. F

    Difficulty with scrollers

    Hi, I’m using an ETC Element and Apollo Smart Color 7.25 scrollers. I created a new show file, and somehow messed up the patches for all of our scrollers. Our system contains numerous show plots, and the color palettes in all of them have been deleted. I made new color palettes based on record...
  9. ApolloDesign

    What's the Deal with Apollo PrintScenic® Gobos?

  10. 8BitSteph

    Apollo EZ Iris clicking

    Hi all, Ran into this interesting problem for the first time in years of using EZ Iris/I-cue combos. I've got two EZ Irises, both of which are making a rhythmic clicking sound when between full open and full close (not the faster clicking that means it's jammed). I took a look into the louder...
  11. spotlightondance

    Conventional Fixtures Roto-Q gobo rotator. How to cable?

    I've happened upon two Apollo Roto-Q DMX gobo rotators that we're hoping to put to use. These came with a PSU 02-4 power supply (75W).I can't find any description of how exactly to cable these. I'd really appreciate it if someone could validate my cabling guesses.There are two connectors on...