1. Ken Porter

    Perplexing HME BP200 / DX210 behavior

    Hey, all.We’ve got a HME DX210 (the two channel version base station) with 3 BP200’s (The single channel version beltpack).Instructions tell me that if I press certain buttons in a certain order, I can put a beltpack in “ISO Restrict” Mode, and a different button combo to turn off that mode...
  2. Jay Ashworth

    QUERY: Dante for Intercom

    I've been seeing a fair number, in various quarters, of people leveraging Dante hardware and networks to use them for comm, instead of (what appears to be more expensive) matrix intercoms from vendors like RTS. There are a number of advantages to doing this, from the standpoint of an A1 (as I...
  3. jtweigandt

    Picomm version 2 2019-03-03

    Cleaned up and enhanced instructions for Picomm all in one mumble server and wireless router for full duplex stage communication. The new pi3+ won't run on the older pre configured image. I have uploaded that will run on the pi3b+ as well as the 3b and the pizerow. The...
  4. jtweigandt

    Low Cost Stage comm using Raspberry pi

    I have posted 2 documents in the resources section.1. Picomm document. Has instructions and link to download a pre configured raspberry pi image to act as a full duplex communications backbone, via wifi or ethernet stations/ clients can be cell phones running app, additional...