1. mikefellh

    Singer throws mic at technician at concert

    Upset by the Sound at His Panama Concert, Luis Miguel Caught on Camera Throwing Mic at Technician:
  2. S

    Lighting visualisation webinar

    There is always a hot debate over which software we should use for lighting (drafting or visualisation) so this webinar by LD Tim Routledge should be of interest.Why Draw Everything Twice? By Tim Routledge | Webinar on December 5th, 2018From initial sketch to the delivery of a world tour...
  3. JD

    Man electrocuted after climbing truss

    So this story showed up, along with a pretty graphic video. Fan apparently climbed a truss at a concert and came in contact with what appears to be 13Kv or higher lines. I am surprised the rig was set up so close (two or three feet) from overhead power lines...
  4. MNicolai

    Explosion @ Ariana Grande Concert

    Not much info on this yet but fatalities have been reported.
  5. CHAUVET Professional

    I’m With The Band: Dave Carr and The Eli Young Band

    Although they’ve won an Academy of Country Music Award and have seen three of their singles top the Billboard Country Charts, the Eli Young Band has remained true to their Red Dirt Country roots. The Denton, TX quartet still maintains a rough and ready touring schedule, bringing its snappy brand...
  6. CHAUVET Professional

    Shinning On Metal

    There is a sort of paradox built into metal music. On the one hand, it serves up this thick massive wall of sound that washes over the audience like some giant cloud blocking out the sun. On the other, it moves like a freight train with its accelerated tempo and non-stop hypersonic guitar riffs...
  7. CHAUVET Professional

    Steve Lieberman: Inspired Light

    His massive and intricately detailed lighting designs are created with some of the most sophisticated software tools available. But when this Los Angeles-based LD sits down to begin a project, he starts as he always has for over 25 years – by putting his ideas to pencil and paper. Working this...
  8. CHAUVET Professional

    Paul “Arlo” Guthrie: Framing Light

    Photo Credit: TOSS Film & Design Inc.When he isn’t displaying his well-known wry sense of humor, this Emmy winning Australian born designer can be a man of few words. This was very evident when we asked him how he would describe the look that runs through his designs. His answer was simply...
  9. CHAUVET Professional

    Cosmo Wilson Heartfelt Light

    Perspective plays a critical role in the approach that this Orlando-based lighting designer and director takes to his work. This is evident not only in the way he’s able to weave myriads of fixtures into balanced coordinated looks, but also in how he defines the role of lighting design. The...
  10. CHAUVET Professional

    Atmospheric Impact

    Fog and haze are light and airy substances, but in the hands of a skilled lighting designer they can have a weighty impact on audiences at a concert or theatrical production. Aside from accenting the effect of lighting fixtures, atmospherics add their own visual dimension to a show, especially...
  11. CHAUVET Professional

    The Case For sACN

    Lighting designers have an ever expanding array of networking and protocol options to choose from. Sam Bowden, European Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional, explains why sACN, a relative newcomer on the scene, deserves your consideration if you want to make your life easier when it comes to...
  12. CHAUVET Professional

    Tobias Rylander Shaping Light

    There is a cinematic quality to Tobias Rylander’s lighting designs. The subtle shifts in shadows, the sharp contrast between light and dark, the bending of scenic elements, all evoke images of the convention defying New Wave films of the 1960s, such as those created by his fellow Swede, Ingmar...
  13. NCS

    Career in Concert Lighting

    I am a junior in HS and have been involved in tech theatre. I am the lighting director for the drama club and I am also a musician. I would love to combine my love of lighting and music and eventually become a lighting designer for concerts. I am currently looking at colleges and am wondering...