dmx 512

  1. SeandeeTD

    DMX control of white LED

    I know there are a million DMX Decoders out there for RGB LED strip lights, but are there any for white LED? I dont want to have to waste the channels if I dont have to and they all look like they have power/R/G/B outputs. I just want to be able to fade white LED tape like I do RGB. Am I...
  2. A

    Control/Dimming Trouble with Non Responsive Lighting Control

    Hello all,I am having trouble sorting out the cause of a failure in my lighting rig. I am new to this venue and have limited documentation on the infrastructure. We have had problems with a single Leprecon DMX Pack with power distribution from an ETC Sensor + to power non-LED instruments. Most...
  3. EMJ

    Need Help/advice regarding Strand N21 DMX nodes

    Hi,I'm hoping maybe someone can get me on the right track with getting some Strand N21 DMX nodes working at my kids high school.Here's the background: The school was built about 15 years ago and most everything is original to it's construction. It's got a Strand Preset Palette 32/64...
  4. zachnesselmsu

    Student in need of help connecting a DMX-512 laser to computer lighting software.

    Hi, I have a Sumger DM-RGB400 ( and a USB to DMX Interface Adapter RS485 Converter ('m looking to connect it to my computer and run lighting software. I'm trying to use FreeStyler but willing to use another lighting software such as ONYX. My issue is setting up...
  5. D

    DMX512 secondary data link usage

    Hi everyone,I'm designing a DMX512 compliant product that records a live DMX stream and allows to play it back later on. I want to control 4 universes, and keep the system as compact as possible, so I thought : well, instead of placing 8 XLR-5 connectors on the system chassis (4 IN for the...
  6. F

    NSI DDS 9800 Microplex to DMX conversion

    I'm trying to convert three racks. I ordered three conversion kits online. The instructions the seller sent were crap.Do any of you have in-depth instructions? I can't seem to get the first one I converted to work. Feel like maybe I'm missing a step.Thanks, Fluffy Pony
  7. J

    Control/Dimming DMX Wiring Leviton Board

    I have an old Leviton MC7008 board with the 5-pin DMX add-on. The wiring from the board to the back of the connector has come off though. I re-wired what I thought was the correct order, but I’m receiving no response from my dimmers. Does anyone know the PIN numbers for the wires that go to the...
  8. R

    New member seeking a wireless DMX tablet control for 3 RGBWAU fixtures

    Hi members,Thank you for being here. I work for a small venue that does weekly 1-2 person performances and I need easy to operate general lighting control. Im integrating 2 RGBWAU pars with a 9 cell RGBWAU washer in the middle pointing to the stage area. Boss doesnt want to run DMX cable. So...
  9. C

    Control/Dimming Questions about CMX

    Hi! I'm currently a student for theatre production. I'm working on a slide show for my networking class and I'm having some difficulty with CMX. My first issue is what is the topology for the network? I haven't found much but I think it's a bus? Am I correct?How is the signal structured for...
  10. S

    Control/Dimming LED Decoders stops working until turned off and on again. We're all stumped.

    Hi everyone,We are using some LTech DMX512 24 Channel decoders ( in one of our shows and we're having a strange problem with them. Every so often (but way too often) we need to turn them off and...
  11. zackconn44

    Dmx Issues

    so I just added a Antari Z380 fazed to a dmx chain that originated from a showbaby. Without the gazer in it it works properly but right when I add it the light after it in the chain begin to strive and move around. Is there a reason for this? I’m probably just going to add it to the end of the 9...
  12. R

    PC to Lighting Contoller to Lights

    This is a newbie question:Is there a topology where you can design / test your light setup on a software like QLC+ and then copy/stream it to controller for playing it in productiona) Is this real, or am I just making it b) what would l need, software, usb to dmx dongles, lighting...
  13. R

    USB DMX Dongle

    I am in market for a USB DMX Dongle, I have read about the Entec dongle, DMXKing etc. What is a less expensive dongle for a 2-3 light setup.
  14. S

    Multiplex and DMX at the same time

    Hello and greetings from Hot Springs, AR. I have a technical question that is a little out of my wheelhouse. I currently operate the audio booth at our local theater and recently our lighting system has been on the fritz, it only about 20 years old. I am pushing that we go to LED lighting since...
  15. meatpopsicle

    molex connector

    Can anybody tell me what type of molex connector this is?
  16. Stevens R. Miller

    DMX512 Touch Panel Locks Out My Wall Switch

    Well, I'm back in my son's (former) middle school, running lights for a drama camp. The lighting system is a DMX 512 type, with an old (but mostly working) Innovator 24/48. The house lights are a bunch of recessed incandescents and also a bunch of fluorescents. The Innovator can control the...