1. A

    Device to insert lamps without touching the envelope

    Hi everyone!I am trying to find a handy little device that my shop had in college but I don’t know what it’s called and googling isn’t getting me where I need:It was a small, hand-held (our was red) device that would allow you to insert the bulb end of a lamp into the device and more easily...
  2. K

    Fastfit and HRI lamp wrench 2022-03-12

    Small and flat tool to assist in removing and installing lamps in fixtures that use FastFit type lamps or HRI lamps.I designed this for use with Vipers, Megapointes and Sharpy's, but it would likely work on many other lamps like those in VL4000 and such.The forked end is for the...
  3. tdtastic

    Find the fixture!

    So....trying to help an electrician friend (commercial not theatrical) determine what mysterious fixture is hung in a church he's working on. All I have to go by is the lamp type he found inside. So far I haven't seen a pic of the fixture in the air. What in hell theatrical lighting fixture...
  4. ademhayyu1

    Conventional Fixtures Is this the right bulb?

    Hello!I'm putting together a list of lamps that we need to purchase for our HS Theater. For our LekoZoom 25-50deg, I would like to make sure that an EVR 120v500w bulb is right for the fixture. I want to make sure I have the right info before I pass it on.I am also curious about something as...
  5. H

    Automated Fixtures VL2500 Spot Intermittent Pulsating and re-striking

    Hello All,I have a VL2500 Spot fixture that occasionally while operating the light will start pulsing.The light will pulse for a few minutes and then become steady, It will continue to alternate between pulsing and steady through the duration of it's use. It roughly spends about 2/3rd's of...
  6. TheTheaterGeek

    Best headlamp!?!

    What is the best headlamp y'all have encountered. Just lost mine of 5 years and ready to upgrade.
  7. lightingman117

    S4 max ambient temperature for max lamp life?

    Cross posted to PSW:,167532.msg1545856.html#msg1545856ETC Source 4 (S4) 575w fixtures Ceiling Cove = 6ft x 1.5ft x 2.5ft (L x W x H) Air conditioned room year round. The current coves have a grate that opens to the attic. Venue wants to close that...
  8. techietim

    Storage of Lamps and Lampholders

    Hey folks,So, recently I have produced 20x lamp holders on 5M of cable (with a 15A plug) and an E27 lampholder on the end. These are designed for use in a production we are running in early June.Now that they are all produced, I need some of your thoughts on the best way to store the units...
  9. H

    Automated Fixtures Martin Mac 2000 Performance II - LERR + Flickering issue

    Hello All,I am having an issue with one of our Martin Mac 2000 Performances. The fixture boots up as normal however the "Service" light is illuminated.Once I send the Lamp On command via the Console [ETC Ion], I can clearly hear the Relay click. After a moment the display starts to flash...
  10. Harrison

    Conventional Fixtures When to Replace Lamps

    Silly question - but I'm curious.When do you guys replace the lamps in your conventional fixtures? Do you want till it blows? Do you try to predict how many hours are on it and replace it before it would blow? Is there a way to tell when it's nearing end of life?Thanks
  11. Davetp

    Practical Desk Lamp and Wall Lights

    Hello, I am working on a new show and we have ran into a small problem, we have just realized that we need to wire our desk lamp to run off of one of our Zero88 Alpha Packs or Another 15amp socket on the stage. Is it ok just to unwire a 13amp plug and change it for a 15amp one? if so what lamps...
  12. Les

    Altman Shakespeare Lamp Contact Problems

    The community theatre where I was recently hired on has a few Altman Shakespeare's that have problems with the lamp sockets. The instruments sometimes "ghost" on and off, and it is evident that there has been some arcing on the lamp posts. Usually if you just take the lamps out, flip them and...
  13. T

    Automated Fixtures Fixing Errors on Elation DesignSpot 575e

    So I have been going at these fixtures all day in an attempt to solve their problem. I do not want to have them sent out to have two, what I think are, simple errors to address. I have no idea how to tackle them as this would be my first real time opening up some fixtures and trying to...
  14. petercav17

    Loud buzzing from LDR Canto 1200 Spotlight

    Hey all,We just got 2 new LDR Canto 1200 spotlights a couple of days ago. Due to a shipping/packing error we only received one lamp, so I was only able to test the one. I assembled it and fired it up and it works great, but there is a really loud buzzing sound coming from the lamp. We can hear...