Automated Fixtures Fixing Errors on Elation DesignSpot 575e

So I have been going at these fixtures all day in an attempt to solve their problem. I do not want to have them sent out to have two, what I think are, simple errors to address. I have no idea how to tackle them as this would be my first real time opening up some fixtures and trying to troubleshoot what the problems are. This is what i'm running into:

1. One fixture does not come out of the reset once it's turned on. It reads 'Focus Error' then restarts again and again and again.
2. This fixture works fine besides a 'Yellow Color Error'. The lamp doesn't strike and i'm not sure how to think about that. I swapped the bulbs in both of these fixtures and have no idea why one works when the other doesn't.

If you guys could give this newbie some advice on what to do and what to look for, that would be a great help. Thanks and God Bless.
Also update, the second fixture has the problem of the lamp not striking. Its not a console problem. One of the prongs of the frame holding the lamp in looked broken. Even thought I slipped the lamp in and turned the fixture back on, there were still no results. Could it be the part of the fixture that strikes the lamp has died?

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