1. KT the TD

    Colortran i96 dimmer rack problems

    We're having troubles with our dimmers after the power went out. Some won't shut off, some pop on at 50% when the fader gets to 1%, and it's an issue being December when everyone and their brother put on "The Nutcracker."I've tried resetting the modules but can't find a main power switch to...
  2. S

    120V Power Snake

    First, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Over the past few years, I have seen numerous cables, both homemade and store bought, which are like a FOH Audio Snake. Instead of having 4 different extension cords, it is a power snake, with 4 channels of independent power. So the male ends plug into a...
  3. StephIsabel

    VL 440 fuse?

    I recently lost one of my VLs. The power and data to the unit are fine, but I cannot locate a fuse on the unit. Does the 440 HAVE a fuse? Is it simply buried since it is considered a "non-user serviceable" part? Do I have a larger issue with the unit (like a power supply...)?