source 4

  1. F

    Control/Dimming ETC S4 mini dimming with D20

    Hi Folks,I recently purchased some ETC Source4 mini LED for the teater I working with. I am trying to control them with ETC Sensor 3 / D20 racks. ETc website gives recommandation about D20 settings to achieve a smooth dimming curve. However I have a latenty when I am fading down to zero my...
  2. Hugtrain

    Conventional Fixtures Source Four History

    Hello!I'm currently drafting a wikipedia article about the Source 4 and I'm in need of some references. I was hoping someone might have a book or good (third-party!!!) sources as to what improvements ETC made to the ERS with the S4.
  3. L

    Source Four Focus Knob Socket 1.0

    This device can be chucked into a normal 3/8" chuck allowing rapid removal and (low-torque!) installation of Source Four barrel knobs. The 3D printed shaft acts as an intentional torque limiter - print at normal wall and infill settings and the shaft will break off if you forget to turn the...
  4. Joel Engelhardt

    Using ETC Source Four for Broadcast Lighting - Lamp Intensity vs. Color Temperature?

    Hey there, I am a long-time reader but first-time poster. Booyah! I contract at a large campus of a local church, and we are planning to re-hang our front light ETC Source Four ellipsoidals.I am told that our goal color temperature on-stage 5600K. We are planning to use Full CTB gel to...
  5. Benjamin Handler

    Source Four Leko for Filmmaking - lamp burned out immediately

    Hello all,As title suggests, I bought a Source Four Leko 750 to use for indie filmmaking. I have some experience with these lights from working as a volunteer stagehand and periodically on film sets, but am by no means an electrician and feel like I'm in over my head. Saw lots of good info on...
  6. A

    Used Stage Lighting Equipment Donations

    I work for a non-profit dance center in upstate NY. As such, we have a very limited budget for purchasing new equipment. At the same time, there are numerous large theaters and television studios that have or are in the process of upgrading to all LED instruments. I am aware of some that...
  7. Noah Abrams

    Source FourHEAD

    If anyone is willing to actually make this, I will be forever thankful!Source-FourHead-Header(1) by Noah Abrams posted Apr 2, 2019 at 7:17 AM"The legendary Source Four moves out of the theatre and into your home with the introduction of Source FourHead. The head lamp includes the same...
  8. DannyDepac

    Using a wall dimmer for a Source four follow spot??

    Hi Everyone - You've never failed me before so I'm back! lolI am putting together my own DIY Followspot from an ETC source 4 ellipsoidal (5 degree) 750 watt.I want it to be dimmable by the operator. I saw a couple of videos that use a regular old home "wall dimmer switch" inline with the...
  9. Chuck Reece

    Source4 Bench Focus Cross-threaded

    Hi All,We just did our first lighting maintenance week in a couple of (o.k. 5, don't get me started) years, and we came across 4 or 5 Source 4 (1999 model) units that the bench nut for centering the lamp would not budge. In trying, we broke off the plastic thumb tabs, and now we can't even...