1. Jordan Street

    Plot Question: Side Lighting Instrument Spacing & Labeling

    I'm having an OCD situation and need advice on how to solve or overcome it. I'm using a rep plot that was designed by a well-known local designer and it has some pretty dense side lighting on the onstage electrics. It's not Broadway-level dense, but 90 instruments (five separate systems across...
  2. NateTheRiddler

    Understanding: Vectorworks

    Good afternoon/evening, y'all!It's time for Newbie Nate's Question of the Day! I know, you all must be quivering with excitement considering it's been a few months since my last one. (At least I hope it's excitement... O.o )So, I've just started learning Vectorworks, and I'm currently...
  3. Brent McDannald

    Relatively new Master Electrician at a road house

    Hey! As the title says, I am a relatively new(about a year in) Master Electrician at a road house where we have about 300+ shows a year.Im starting to learn Vectorworks and Lightwright.And slowly but surely we are acquiring more intelligent fixtures(currently just have ETC ColorSource Cycs)...
  4. Adam R. Jezl-Sikorski

    Auto Link Label Legend with Lighting Symbol?

    Is there a way to assign a label legend to a lighting symbol?i.e.Everytime I plot a Source Four 26°, or a 6" fresnel, the legends will automatically assign themselves to the instrument?Thanks all! ARJS
  5. S

    Lighting visualisation webinar

    There is always a hot debate over which software we should use for lighting (drafting or visualisation) so this webinar by LD Tim Routledge should be of interest.Why Draw Everything Twice? By Tim Routledge | Webinar on December 5th, 2018From initial sketch to the delivery of a world tour...
  6. J

    Vectorworks Light pipe vs. Lighting Position

    I just realized these are two separate objects. My current plot has lighting positions, but I built it in VW-16 and we now have VW-17. Is there a functional Difference between these two objects?
  7. Stofa

    Beam Draw and VWX'17!

    Hello,I tried before to update to Vectorworks 2017, but couldn't install some of my plug-ins, so I stayed in 2016, and waited for a few service packs.I'm now getting into 2017, and I noticed that Source 4 Savvy Section was able to install, but Beam Draw 4 wasn't.I was wondering if anyone...
  8. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Focus in Vision

    Hey all,Is there a way to get Vision to use focus points from Vectorworks 2017?Clay
  9. J

    Quick VW2016 Question

    I've just created a Lighting Position from a lighting Pipe in Vectorworks 2016. I cannot seem to be able to edit the Labels font for this position. I can move the label around, but the font is too small, and the only options in the text style dropdown on the object info pallette are ft. size 10...
  10. Colin Bishop

    Vectorworks Lighting Fixtures crashing OpenGL and Renderworks

    So recently I started learning Vectorworks 2016 (Student Edition) primarily for a school project. I have been designing a lighting plot of my school's auditorium with it and I am very pleased with how it is turning out currently. However vector works has decided to not want to render the lights...
  11. W

    VW 15' Deleting Ganging (twofering)

    Hello all,I am having much trouble with the ganging tool. I have instrument twofer together that no longer should be. I can not seem to find a way to delete the twofer (gang). I am not able to select it or anything. I can change the dimmer and channel number via the OIP but thats it. Any...
  12. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Making my plots look more professional and just better in general.

    I am always looking at professional plots and they all seem cleaner, with better symbols and such. They look a whole lot better than the default Vectorworks stuff. For examples, the plots in A practical Guide to Stage Lighting are wonderful.What should I be considering in my process of...
  13. Jordan Street

    Design Issues and Solutions Is there a way to prevent templates from showing up as "Instruments" in Lightwright 5?

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I couldn't find any answers when I searched anywhere.After setting up Automatic Data Exchange in Lightwright and importing the new data I noticed that all of the Template symbols get put into Lightwright as an Instrument Type. Obviously if I delete them...
  14. Dionysus

    CAD Design and Drafting Software Options

    Okay since I've seen this come up time and time again I figured a thread would be a good idea. I've heard people asking about CAD software availability, pricing, uses, etc. Especially a lot of people essentially saying "I can't afford AutoCAD or Vectorworks". Lets talk about CAD, there is a...
  15. Kate F

    Are there set standards for Vectorworks?

    Hello!I just started grad school and the way they use Vectorworks seems to be a little different than how I did it at undergrad. Is there a "cheat sheet" or set of standards that USITT or the like have put together for design packages? Line weights, etc.