A Tour of a Lycian 1290 Spotlight


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A video I made for people that have never seen a spotlight before.

Big Concert style Spotlight and the operating controls, Lycian 1290xlt

A large 2000 watt Zenon Spot Light in a 2000 seat Theater. This light is used or all types of performances including . . .
Concerts, Broadway shows, Dance recitals or any other thing that may be on stage.
The operating controls are explained with a small demonstration.

This spotlight is a Lycian 1290 XLT in the Von Braun Center, Huntsville Alabama. The XLT means it is made for eXtra Long Throw, the distance to our stage is about 125 feet from the spotlight.



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This is the only spotlight that our venue has.
8 in the Arena
4 in the theater
Once you get used to running it, then it gets easier to get great results from them.
They are almost always too bright in our theater.


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Lycian made a small black spotlight that was used on trusses.
They had an Iris that was a long stupid lever and
the dowser was a lever at the very front or a twisty handle on the very back
Model 1266 short throw or 1267 long throw.
We have a couple of those in our dinner hall.
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I've only run one, I don't remember the model though. I wasn't that impressed with it, but I was in the truss in a poorly positioned chair. So I wasn't sure how much was the positioning and how much was the spot.

On a Cirque du Soliel show, perhaps? The Juliat was one of the odder spots I've run over the decades but once I got used to it I don't recall having any operational issues. I also appreciated the quality of the cues I was given as an operator on their shows.


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Perhaps since the 1290 is the first xenon I mastered, or sweaty days in helping the crew carrying them up in the bleachers. A romatic love of them perhaps. I curse every Stong Trouper I have to bench focus = different and more insane design for how to do it. That's a fact in while both companies are relly good in service and support.. the 1290 bench focus design is better in concept. In a service type of way... the Lycian 1290 is more sustainable product - I work on both. Have the RJ lights also, have not bought into the Ushio line. RJ fixtures are still fairly new so it's only a question of buying same/similar parts so far.

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