1. F

    Network switch problem

    Hey there,Currently, I have the following problem: On the stage of the venue I'm currently working in we have one GrandMA 8 Port Node and one Ethernet cable going to the FOH.For the next production we have 3 Lightning consoles in the FOH which need to have access to the node I mentioned...
  2. Vivilama

    Light’s fan noise

    Hello folks,I am an absolute rookie in this field and was delighted to find this forum where I hopefully can get answers to my endless questions.Now I am not working in this field but rather doing my own entertainment/ tutor show for YouTube. I decided to bump up the production value by...
  3. S

    Battery-operated lamp?

    I'm looking for a light source for a lamp that needs to be battery-powered and bright enough to look like an Edison bulb. And I need eight of them. What are your recommendations?
  4. WooferHound

    A Tour of a Lycian 1290 Spotlight

    A video I made for people that have never seen a spotlight before.Big Concert style Spotlight and the operating controls, Lycian 1290xltA large 2000 watt Zenon Spot Light in a 2000 seat Theater. This light is used or all types of performances including . . . Concerts, Broadway shows, Dance...
  5. ademhayyu1

    Any lights that are like this one?

    Hello!I am looking for a nice small cheap and maybe LED (LED isn't really necessary) fixture like this one main purpose would be for some sidelights (around the shins area, for clarity) but if I can afford some more I'd...
  6. TheTheaterGeek

    Best headlamp!?!

    What is the best headlamp y'all have encountered. Just lost mine of 5 years and ready to upgrade.
  7. Anturox

    Enttec USBDMX Pro and MiniStageConsole

    Hey guys,Since a few weeks I can't get me Enttec dongle and MiniStageConsole to work together. It has worked for over 2years...What have I tried: - Reïnstall FDTI and VCP drivers - Reïnstall MiniStageConsole - Updated the firmware in my dongle - I tried to send an output signal to it from...
  8. Colin Bishop

    Mac 550 Dimmer

    So I have a Mac 550 that dims poorly. It only turns on at about 50% and as such it looks off compared to my other ones. When strobing sometimes the dimmer will also end up in the wrong position, letting a little bit of light leak out at 0%, I have to reset the fixture to fix that issue but the...
  9. H

    Over-Lamping Dimmer Packs

    Hey all, So I am doing a show and have ran into a a bit of an issue. The fixtures I am wanting to use have 2000 watt lamps. The dimmer packs I am using are 600 Watts. Can I use these dimmer packs with these lights, I can’t figure out if the lights will just use less than 100 percent, or if it...
  10. A

    LED House Lights "Flick on"

    Hello, my school recently got a major upgrade and part of that was a transition to LED. Our incandescent house lights were replaced with dimmable LED fixtures. We are faced with a problem however, it seems every time we bring them up at the end of an event (after they have been off for awhile)...
  11. E

    Moving light help please

    Our theater has an ETC light board and we have 2 moving light instruments (GLP Impression Spot One). One of these instruments is completely non responsive to anything the board tells it to do, and the second will move change gobos etc. but NOT focus or zoom.I am trying to discern if we...
  12. TheTheaterGeek

    Automated Fixtures Mac 2K Performance Hanging Question

    Can you hang a mac 2k horizontally? 90° from a vertical pipe?Can't find it in the manual.
  13. djartdesign

    Lit tap shoes!

    Hello there!I'm a long term stalker of this awesome forum, but this is my first real post! I'm looking for some pointers...We're currently producing a tap show and during a run last night had a hair brain idea of lit tap shoes. Was thinking about using led tape on the cast's taps - but a bit...
  14. K

    Opinions - Incandescent "Marquee" Bulbs Clear vs White?

    I am working on a set design for Chicago which will outline key scenic elements in globe-type bulbs - approx 200. I really like Rochem's use of this in his/her design-- look frosted (does this look like 8" spacing?)There will be...
  15. kim bel

    Turn Mirrorball without motor?

    Hi guys,urgent help needed.Is there any possibility to turn a mirrorball without motor?? We need them urgently in Tunisia, and they delivered us with vintage mirrorballs, without motors. And there isn't any solution to buy a mirrorball motor here, they just dont have them in Tunisia.Any...
  16. E

    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning lamp socket terminals on 360Qs

    Hi, this is my first thread here and I want to get some insight on the best approach on cleaning socket terminals. At my high school we've got 8 source fours with 575w bulbs in them to light our stage and pit. After the source fours were installed, the old 360Qs were retired. Still lying around...
  17. D

    Control/Dimming DMX controller that is capable of pulsing in milliseconds

    Hi,I am new to this page but it seems like the right place to get my questions answered... I need a DMX controller that is capable of pulsing in milliseconds. I need to pulse LEDs at the same on-off frequency, so nothing complicated but I need a device and a piece of code that will allow me to...
  18. E

    Passerelle edge lighting

    Hey y'all!Alright so the theater I work in is a high school. In our theater we have a passarelle (spelling?). We've always used rope lights to line the edge of the passarelle plugged straight into a dimmer channel (they need to be dimmable and controlled from the lighting desk). However every...
  19. H

    Do you know this lamp?

    Looking for spare/replacement lamps for the projector below: Label on the top: 500W, 120V, GE, Mazda, Projection, Burn Base Down (Medium Screw Base) There appear to be some markings inside the bulb at the filament base, but I can't read them.Any takers? Thanks
  20. H

    Flashlights- make them stop stobing

    We're using several flashlights as props / onstage lighting for a black box performance. But every nice, bright LED flashlight has 3-7 modes that you need to cycle the light through. Has anyone tried opening up guts and shorting the switch? It seems like it would be a matter of removing...