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Let me make this as plain as I can. I need to learn how to record an entire show and get mixed just perfect by say the end of june. After which I need to rent a rack and speakers-basically the whole sound package. Now the problem. I've never done sound before in my life. I might could set it up, but I don't know how to aim the speakers or make it work like I should. Next Problem. The show is outside at sundown. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Have any details to offer. What kind of show, details on the ampitheater?

If you have never done this before and it is going to be in a venue you are unfarmiliar with it would be worth your time and show to hire a sound company that has experiance in the ampitheater. Since you have to rent equipment anyway, might as well spend a few dollars and hire an audio engineer as well.

Or if you want to post some show details, I am sure we can offer some help.

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If you are going to be renting all of the equipment why not add a technician to the package to run it all for you. If you have many rehearsals and performances and this is out of your price range see if the company can send a tech when you load in and have them give you a two hour introductory lesson on the equipment. We are having the contractor do this when we have our new sound system installed over the summer.
So you have to record it to tape/cd too? Is it a rock concert or a play or Tommy? Sound for a play musical or acoustic group is not that hard and probly could be learned in an afternoon. What scares off most people is the amount of knobs and buttons when in fact most do the same thing, so once you have one set mastered you have them all. Post with more info and ill do the same.
there is a budget of about $600 and i'm the only competent tech they could find that would volunteer everything.

timewise the show is a religious little pagaent that shouldn't last more than two hours- i planned on burning it to CD-

the entire show should be a lipsync with possibly 2 live mic's but the problem is i've never set up a sound system before-

the venue is a public park with the seating and util's all donated by the city
the stage is a fold out trailer that was donated for the use of the show-

i can run a sound board in a pinch but i've never done a show of this magnitude. i can EQ but again the main problem is set up...
You might want to call the local music shops and rental houses and ask if they have ever done sound in that park before, they should be able to give you the right gear. I would think two speakers and a moniter all fed by a powerd mixer. Get two wireless units and a cd player and cd record some cable and your set.
How big is the seating area? I'd geuss a couple of powered speakers on tripods would work fine, this strikes me as something that's pretty straight forward on the setup end, honestly.

Given two speakers, put them in front on either end of the seating, perhaps parallel with or close to the edge of the stage, and point them diagnoally across the audience. Put a CD on and go sit in various places. See how it sounds. That's the easy way to do it. :)
soundman said:
You might want to call the local music shops and rental houses and ask if they have ever done sound in that park before, they should be able to give you the right gear.

no local music shops- seating is just grassy fieldbut we will mark it off to about 40ft at the stage, and possibly 60 or 70ft wide about 75-100ft back
what I was brainstorming was to have this:
have 2 powered speakers on either side of the front of the stage- then go about 35-40 ft back and put wide angle powered speakers aiming to cover everything else, along with two monitors on the front of the stage

how about it?

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