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another introduction

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by cshake, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. cshake

    cshake Member

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    In the interest of getting rid of the banner at the top of the page, I'll introduce myself here.

    I'm a mechanical engineering student (graduating with a BS this spring), and I work in our theatre as a TA, doing set construction and sound+electrics work. I've finally found the time to take a lighting design class this semester, and am currently working on light design for student dance pieces.
    If you know Soundlight here, I've been working with him for the last 3 years.

    My reason for joining is that I'm currently developing a set of functions for the raytracing program POV-Ray that will allow me to simulate most of the commercially available lighting instruments. I am well aware that WYSIWYG does this, and better, but I'm doing it for my own programming education and will be releasing it for free under the CC-BY-NC license.

  2. lieperjp

    lieperjp Well-Known Member

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    Central Wisconsin
    Welcome, cshake!

    It's nice to see you're coming over to the right side!!!

    Be sure to check out a few things and find the knowledge that you seek and more! The search feature is a great tool, and the wiki is one of the best tech theatre wikis on the web!

    By the way, if you need testers for your program, there are always people looking for free software around here...
  3. jwl868

    jwl868 Active Member

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Welcome to the board - And take the EIT test before you graduate.


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