connecting uplights to ETC Ion via wireless DMX

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Hi Lighting Pros!

Ordered a set of Chauvet Freedom Flex H9 IP battery-powered, wireless uplights for some traveling scenery in our high school show opening isix days from now, and a couple of days before tech, word came that they were being held for "quality control." We rallied as best we could and ordered some Rockville "RockWedge" LED RGBWA+UV rechargeable wireless uplights from you-know-where, with a set of Donner wireless DMX 2.4G receivers (and transmitter) to match. They arrived today and actually put out some nice punchy light, but we're having trouble with the DMX aspect.

Our LD is a college student who does pretty well with our Ion, but she's never dealt with wireless DMX and is having trouble figuring out how to add the Rockvilles to our rig for the show. I'm not sure whether this product is already in the ETC library, or what a workable substitute profile would be. I've been looking in forums (fori?) and on YouTube to see if there are tutorials or pertinent advice out there, but no luck so far. Any thoughts on next steps for finding out how to add wireless DMX to an Ion? I know the REAL answer is, "spend the money you need to spend on proper equipment and proper help," but that's not going to help with this show, besides which we are working on this with our school administration and making incremental progress, so I'm hopeful I'll be doing less consulting with good samaritans online to help solve our challenges.

Thank you.
The Donner units transmit and receive just like another instrument. Unfortunately, there's not both inputs and outputs so you can't daisy chain them in your DMX run. I mean the input to the receiver is the radio signal and the output of the transmitter is its radio signal. So address the Rockville units like they were a normal part pf your DMX run. Then you'll need to feed the transmitter from a dmx splitter, or put it at the very end of your run. Take the receiver and wire its output to the input of one of the Rockville's and daisy chain from there as needed. Don't give the Rockvilles any dmx address that you're already using.
As I think about it - think of the receiver/transmitter pair as a length of cable. It's just that it uses radio instead of copper to go end to end.
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Have you 1 set the reck wedge at an address? 2 synced the wirelss dmx on the wedge with the transmitter? So what ever colour the led is on the transmitter is what needs to be on the wedge. 3 have one light working? 4 have the dmx transmitter plugged in to the output of the universe of choice AND patched to the universe.

Remember it does not matter what universe you use and it could be in universe 1 but the important thing is addresses need to match console and device. Once you find a profile (even the generic one) have a play or for testing purposes patch 6 dimmers and see what they do. Try connecting with a cable for testing that will confirm the fixture is working correctly then introduce it to wireless dmx.
Sometimes these fixtures require a propiority dmx Tx but by the looks of this one it does not.

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