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corner block

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by mrtrudeau23, Feb 10, 2009.

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    1. Scenery. Finishing out the flat terminology, a corner block is the method of attaching the rails to the stiles in the corners on the back side of the flat. These are a 45 degree isosceles triangle, with legs of ~10", of some thin material like 1/4" plywood (preferred), or Lauan or Masonite (occasionally acceptable). When using plywood, care should be taken to insure that the predominant grain runs perpendicular to the joint, i.e., parallel with the stile not the rail. Studies have been done recommending an "idiot proof" version, where the grain runs at a 45° angle (parallel with the block's hypotenuse), but these take more time to cut and offer questionable advantage.


    2. Entertainment trussing. A cube that allows box truss sections to be connected at right angles to each other. The most versatile is the Six-way Corner Block which allows sections to be joined in any dimension. Four-way and two-way are less expensive, but not as versatile.

    The "Solid Surface" corner block is unique to Branam.

    The tube type, show below in 20.5", is much more typical.
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