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I need a cheep alternative to a cyc. Any ideas? Doesn't have to be seemless, but i want something better than sewing white sheets together. And preferably something that can be move around easly, struck and constructed reatively quickly.
What size, location, purpose and use for it do you have? Could be the beed sheet if the use is in a localized way, could be a bunch of soft or hard flats along the wall, could be a scrim or sewed together pieces of fabric inside or without a stretched frame. Could be lots of other things also. Is it after all a full 30' plus by 20' high application with nothing in front of it, some area above the box set that's lit perhaps with some windows showing thru, is it lots of other things down to just a sign of infinity of perspective on the design with lots of stuff down stage of it and blocking it. What's the back wall look like anyway? Is it red brick, black walls, white with some doorways to merely cover? Is it textured brick or block or flat wall space? Lots of details in description yet to inform of.

If you have erosion cloth or scrim in front of the cyc for instance what you need upstage of it is going to possibly be slightly different than a cyc on an open stage.
its 30 by 40 with glass windows and white wall behind. In front is a band on a raised platform. It would be used at least once weekly and most probably need to be stored after everyuse. It will be used for color washes, a few simple chases, beam flash deals, probly some projection also. I was also considering doing light washes from ground possitions.
In this case, is it possible that the windows might allow for just a teaser to be installed in covering them and the rest of the wall left as a wall? Otherwise what about sewing together a bunch of 54" as I remember it sections of fabric in having one seam per say 52" running horizontally or veritically? That could than be as cheap as muslin sewn together given the proper stitch.

Otherwise I at least think that a decent quality drop of some sort, perhaps even roll drop would be needed. Doesn't mean you have to invest in the most expensive threads per inch fabric either but such a large expanse of fabric would require contacting a scenery supply company for your options. A un-bleached muslin drop might be cheap enough if you can go with something that's more natural in color than white, otherwise a un-bleached drop is going to no doubt be cheaper than a heavy weight cyc drop in being no doubt some form of scenic duck fabric.

A few ideas to start with at least. Hopefully others will also post some.

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