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Dimmer Doubling

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by porkchop, Jun 2, 2009.

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    A feature on the ETC Sensor dimmer racks where a Dimmer Doubler™ can be used to split one dimmer in the rack into two circuits on the mounting position.

    ETC Products -- Dimmer Doubling

    Requirements for Dimmer Doublers are:

    • The lamp burner of each fixture must have a screw removed to accept the additional, non-conducting pin of the 77V lamp (similar to the pin on the 750W lamp, but on the opposite side).
    • The Dimmer Doubler has two L5-15 connectors for output and ETC says existing cable should be modified all the way to the fixture to connect to the doubler unit not vice versa.
    • Only one 77V 550W lamp per side is allowed.

    For more information:
    Here is a thread where this was talked about at length.
    Here is the ETC data sheet on the Dimmer Doubler™
    Here is the Dimmer Doubler™ User Manual
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