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DIY DMX: Demux, Protocol Converters, etc.

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by derekleffew, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Even though in 1986 a small band of USITTians got together to establish a protocol whereby any console could talk to and control any device, to this day we are still plagued with this "language barrier". At least today it's primarily how to get a device to listen to or speak DMX, as opposed to translating K96 into CD80, or whatever.

    For off the shelf solutions, Doug Fleenor Design, Pathway Connectivity (formerly Gray Interfaces), and others make excellent products, but these are often priced beyond the reach of most non-professionals.

    Other companies serving the needs of those less fortunate (or tinkerers) include:
    Northlight Systems, Tempe, AZ
    Apogee Kits, Texas, USA
    Milford Instruments, UK-based.
    All Spectrum Electronics, relay kit for $37.
    Celestial Audio, lots of neat DMX and LED devices.
    Blue Point Engineering, ditto.
    DMX Demultiplexer , a German company. May require more knowledge of electronics than other products.

    One can also sometimes find used converters, such as the excellent ETC Response-Series, on sites listed at Sources for Used Equipment.

    A simple to build DMX tester, almost as good as the ones DFD charges $25 for: Make a DMX tester..

    See The Engineering Solutions Online Store for Protocol Bridges: DMX->MIDI, DMX->Serial, DMX->IR, etc.
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