dmx-controlled irisable dowsers for conventional lx/projectors

not sure if something similar has been posted anywhere else or if this should even be in the LX forum. closest thing ey?

just did a show which required three projectors and needed full blackouts (projected black wasn't viable) and had to install shutters/dowsers on each. due to our limited budget, had to settle for manual dowsers attached to a block system and controlled from the av desk. bit crazy having to run video cues and yank shutters all at the same time.

've made it a personal mission to make some stock dmx or remote controlled shutters which allow one to iris in or fan closed rather than cutting straight across an image (which cd tray shutters can do). i know they exist, but can't afford the $800 for one.

does anyone have the know-how to do something up on a tiny budget?
and is anyone familiar with the max/msp jitter component to edit video live?

many thanks!


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We have a flapper here at Bucknell. I haven't seen it in use yet, but it looks to be a very good and sturdy piece of equipment. I took it out to see how it worked and interfaced. It looks like it's very nice and will do the job well.


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The flapper is a good product, the only problem with them is you get a fade that moves from one side of the projection to the other. There are a few iris/douser type shutters out there. On a budget, I would say keep running those trip lines, there are plenty of people that do that all the time. I have seen a homemade one using a servo motor out of an RC car that works very well.

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