Do you prefer Martin or High End for intels?

Which brand to you prefer?

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Studio Beams...ohh dear! Those things are awesome!!!!!
MAC500 don't have any safety feature on the covers like the 600 or 2000, dunno why. The 1/4 turn lock is not the best, they tend to strip and break.


I'm a big fan of High End. I've used technobeams and studiospots quite effectively. However, not having used any Martin lights, I have to abstain from a firm vote in this poll.

--Geoff Ehrendreich
Well, Martin's yet to fail me. I usually use the MiniMacs in small prods, with a Mac 500/550 setup for larger ones. I tried using VL2000s a while back, but I just didn't like them as much. Much more tempremental than the Macs

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