Elation copies ETC

Hey, I think I have a knock-off of that light!

Altman did the same thing with the Shakespeare. Apparently Altman has to pay ETC something around $7 per Shakespeare they sell for copyright infringement.
Except for those of us who only go to LN when our dimmers fail. (Me!) Anyway, my TD got a good laugh today out of this whole deal.
According to the link, the list price is $0. I'd buy all I could at that price.
Elation is slow that way. Most of their list prices don't go up for a few months. Or sometimes they just leave it as is. Because they're lazy that way.
I've noticed how that works. Elation copies something, tries to make it cheaper, and then (after patent payments to other companies) sells the item for near the same price. Same thing happened with the S4 par and elation. And the parnel. But I think that those may have actually had a slight bit more of a price margin...

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