Etc eos absolute effect - stop and hold after one cycle, but first channel pops back up in background state??



I'm trying to create an effect where my LEDs "wipe" a color change across the stage - from warm to cool or vice versa.

I've gotten so close with an absolute effect simply shifting from the background state to a color palette. I've reduced it to a cycle of 1, and I want it to stop and hold after wiping across all the fixtures in the group. I've played with the grouping in the effect so that 4 or 5 lights (an upstage/downstage column of instruments, essentially) shift at a time.

It's working well, except the first channel in the group reverts to the background state instead of stopping and holding in the color palette state. It's driving me crazy - no matter what I change in the effect, that first channel always reverts, rather than holding!

I'm working mostly in Nomad with Augment3d - I tried it on my rig today, and it's doing exactly what I'm seeing in Augment3d (good job, augment3d).

What am I missing??

Attaching my eos file. I'm using group 4 and effect 1. I place group 4 in color palette 3, then run effect 1. It cycles them through to color palette 1 and then channel 52 pops back to background. grrrrrrr...
Ahhhh, shoot - my file is too big for the server to process?? 10.7mb is TOO BIG?? Okay, follow up question, how do I make my eos augmented file smaller. Kinda need augment3d to see what I'm talking about here. I tried compressing the file on my mac, but it's still the same size.

I've also tried manipulating the timing of the effect in cues 6 through 8, I think, to stop the effect before that first channel pops back to background.

HELP!! I go into tech on Friday and really want to have this effect worked out - I think it'll be the basis of many of our scene transitions.
A work arounds I would try.

Add a second step to the effect. IE. if you fade from background to CP1 in a 5 count add a second step that fades from CP 1 to CP 1 in a 100 count. Then have an auto follow that changes all fixtures to CP 5 and a second AF to end the effect.
Been quite a long time since I programmed on Eos, but couldn't you do it as an additional cue, and just do a delay on the fade of 0 through 5 (or whatever you like for timing) across the fixtures?

I always like wipe color effects, so I've had to come up with creative workarounds depending on the console.
Okay! I sent this question to ETCconnect forums as well and got the answer that was staring me right in the face. I was using two steps in my absolute effect and trying to stop and hold it in the middle of those two steps. I ONLY NEEDED ONE STEP - just changing to the color palette. Now, it wipes across the fixtures in whatever order I choose them (or sequence of groups) - I can then adjust the grouping, the timing, the fades to fast or short wipes. I can easily copy that effect and have it wipe to a different color instead, or wipe across as a blackout...brilliant!

So - short answer - absolute fade with one step to a color palette of choice, stop and hold on the exit, cycle of 1. boom.
Thank you all!

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