Bit of an engineering conundrum; I want to make a new out feed table that can double as a protective worktop/cover for my cabinet table saw.
However I am having trouble placing standard or t-style hinges in a way that that satisfies these directives:
-when folded "out" (out feed position) the barrel of hinge is at or below bed of table saw level
-when folded "in"(covering table and usable as worktable)sits squarely upon bed of tablesaw.
(I tended positions for outfeed table would sit upon tablesaw horizontally and flip upward and out toward back of saw 180 degrees resting horizontally upon knee braces

Note: This is NOT a fold-down out feed table that is stored vertically behind saw, been there done that.


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Google table top hinges. Does exactly what you want.

Also you could use two pins on each edge and a "link".


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Piano hinge would also work. You can position it so the knuckle is below the surface when used as out feed table.

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