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We are doing Sondheim's Getting Away with Murder and wondering if anybody has done it and how did they resolve the digital clock which introduces each scene.


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Not familiar with the gag but perhaps the display segments cut out with foam core panels behind them. paint he foam core the same color as the face of the segments and 'paint' the time you want. top of each scene just slide out the foam core and load another behind it. Does that make sense? Again. I'm not familiar with the gag, I'm assuming this is a big oversized thing. If it's small I'd adapt the same idea but build a system with an acetate scroller in it; either manually operated or driven by a stepper or solenoid motor.


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I guess it depends on what is meant by a digital clock.

The old rotary drum (rolodex) digital clock could be fabricated and operated by a stagehand or stepper motor.

I would be more comfortable emulating a 4-digit 7-segment display using pixel strings and console programming to scroll up and down through the numbers with cue lists.


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The 7 segment idea sounds like the easiest option for a larger clock
However it will take up to 30 DMX addresses

If the scene count isn't too big you could lower that count by layering light strings into numbers needed

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