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Mar 29, 2011
Colorado Springs, CO
A few days ago I was given the task of making our new revolving stage (for our tour) actually revolve. We have a revolving stage at our main location that we have used for the past 7 years but there is no way it was coming with us. After about an hour on the net I found CB. I'm looking forward to seeing what we (the Thorn) can learn from you and what we might be able to contribute. You can check out our trailer (and set from last year) at
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Aug 29, 2008
Stouffville, Ontario
Welcome aboard! Lots to learn here to be sure.

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Feb 9, 2009
London, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to "the Booth" Jim. This site is a wealth of knowledge and experience from all walks of the entertainment industry from carpentry to engineering to lighting, really anything. I'm sure there are loads of people on here who could give you a lot of really helpful advice on your revolve.

I remember when I learn't about revolves in school, hadn't made one yet. First thing our teacher said was that there were many ways to build a revolve, and there are few 'wrong ways'. Each to suit a budget, scale, or other factors. Some are fine for a small set, while others will move something much more massive. Some are just meant for car-shows (small and easy to move) and others are permanently built into stages.

I'm sure there are some old threads on revolves kicking around (the SEARCH function is handy!). Hope your revolve works out.

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