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hey everybody
glad to be here.

I teach a drama class at a small classical school in South Carolina. We're performing Hamlet next week and all the preparations for that are crushing me at the moment. :grin: But it's a good thing...

I'm looking forward to checking into the forums here. Our "stage" area ISN'T one ... we're performing the show in our lunchroom. Poor lighting, no backstage space, and a shared space. But it's amazing how good stories can come to life despite all of that.

best wishes


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Welcome! Sounds like the standard poor school situation. I've heard it alot, seen it alot, and dealt with it alot. Good luck with that!

Ask away if you have questions, the only stupid questions are ones that have been asked before (use the search bar).


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Welcome aboard ! Sorry to hear the situation, but unfortunately it's one that get played out over and over again in this country. Good for you for seeing and making the best out of a bad situation.

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