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I'm going to try my hand and putting together some halo mics, and I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive mic element. I simply cannot afford even Shure D3s for this.

Anybody using something inexpensive that's working for them. If I can get by for about $50.00 per element that would be great. And of course, the smaller the better.


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<----was so confused because he just came from www.bungie.net to CB and saw this post.....


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Having just quit playing it a minute ago, I was terribly confused for a minute too. BTW, it's so great that it's now for Mac too.

gpforget, if we're thinking of the same basic mic setup, you could always try floral wire.


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Oh, c'mon, who plays Halo when you can play Marathon? 2.5D Graphics...yeah! htttp://source.bungie.org/


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What transmitter do you have?

We have a bunch of AKG C417/L's that I'm going to try to sell (theater permitting) since I've upgraded completely to Countryman B3s. I was thinking of pricing them between $50 and $75 each depending on the condition (some are pretty much new). These mics have the switchcraft TC3 (3-pin mini-XLR) connector. If you are interested let me know ...

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