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hello from summit highschool

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by lafingdeath, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. lafingdeath

    lafingdeath Member

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    hi everyone my name is sam, i'm 16 and working for my highschool's theater department, i'm a co head sound, but i spend as much time with lights as possible. id like to learn to rig, and get as much experience before i head into the professional world as possible. i hope here is a good place to expand my knowledge.
  2. icewolf08

    icewolf08 CBMod CB Mods

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    Controls Technician - TAIT Towers
    Lititz, PA
    Welcome to the booth! We strive to provide as much education for students as possible, so don't hesitate to ask any questions you have. We have a great amount of information already on the site, so make friends with the search feature and feel free to bring back old threads if you find them useful or unclear or if you have similar questions. Also, don't hesitate to jump in and answer questions too. Above all, enjoy your time here!
  3. lieperjp

    lieperjp Well-Known Member

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    Central Wisconsin
    Welcome! You'll learn a lot - ask away! Contribute where you can, and know that the search function is your friend.

    Look out for info on rigging, as rigging questions and advice are off-limits for safety reasons. If you're interested in rigging, see if you can get a certified professional in to show you what to do!

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