How To Techincal Drawing For A White Card Model?


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I am trying to teach myself Production design since I can't afford to go to school. I am having difficult time in the techincal drawing in CAD so then I can create the white card model. I know Cad basics, I just can't seem to move to the next step. Can anyone help me, any exercise would be good. I need to draft the layout and then the elevations? I am really lost and any help would be appreciated. Any easy beginner exercise would help tons too.


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As Bill said, "What Program?" there are hundreds of Drafting programs, all with their own eccentricities. Most follow similar rules but many use radically different interfaces. You tube is a great resource for tutorials for most reputable, decent programs. And when you say "make the white card model", are you saying you want to to do a layout on paper to cut out and then build your model with? Or are you referring to a white card virtual model ?

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