Imimot released Mitti 1.2

Tamas Nagy

Mar 10, 2017
Hungary, July 25, 2017 - Imimot has Mitti version 1.2, a huge update to it’s - macOS-only - professional Video Cue playback application, which is now available from the Imimot website.

Mitti is a feature-packed professional Video Cue playback application for theatre, presentation and live events, supporting common video formats, still images, external cameras and Syphon sources, multi-display outputs as well as timecode slaved playback.


This update adds a huge list of improvements and new features. Now the user interface displays - user selectable - thumbnails for movie and still images Cues, making Cues more recognisable even with huge playlist. The Preview Window displays the elapsed- and remaining Cue times as customisable Cue Time Overlays, calculates and displays Total Run Time. It also accepts PDF files for Still Image Cues and the update contains various user experience enhancements and various bug fixes.

The new Goto 10/20/30 commands jumps to the last 10/20/30 seconds of a Cue which is really useful during rehearsals.

Besides the long list of protocols that were already supported for external control - like MMC, MSC, “musical” MIDI and OSC, - Mitti is also remotely controllable using simple UDP String commands from now.

Visit and to learn more.

About Imimot
Imimot is a software company based in Hungary, devoted to create cool pro audiovisual software.

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