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New or used, because even used you won't find much for 2 grand and 500w or greater. There are Cauvet's Q-Spot series, the Q-Spot 575 and Q-Wash 575 can both be had for 2 grand a piece. I have never used these myself, but from what I gather I can tell you that they are club lights. Elation's basic Power Spot 575 can be had for $2250, but is a better light in my opinion. It compares to a Mac 550 in intensity, but does draw more power. The American DJ Accu Spot 575 can be had for 2 grand as well, but I would probably take the Chauvet over AMDJ.

Used you can find Mac 500s for around $2500 or less. Mac 550s are around the $3500 range. You can also find Coemar i-575s and Robe 575s for around $2500 or so used. Not sure how much Coemar's ProSpot 575 MB goes for, never seen one's price before.

I can say from experience that Elation's Power Spot 575s aren't bad lights. I would highly recommend spending the extra $250 per light for better quality lights. If you are a Mac person, you can get some 500s, but Elation's 575s are brighter. I can list all the specs and features if you would like.


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Fisrt off, welcome to the booth, drop by the new member forum and introduce yourself, we love top hear about everyone!

I second Serra on the Elation fixtures. As an owner of Ealtion gear, I can tell you that they are very nice fixtures. Every now and then you run acorss something that makes you realize why the fixture is less expensive than a Martin, but they have always performed well for me, and out visiting lighting designers have liked them. I think there is a thread somewhere on the boards about the PowerSpot 575 or DesignSpot 575, and I know there is one about the PowerSpot 700, do a search, you will probably find them.

The other thing that is important to know, is what the application is that you will be using these fixtures for. Are you putting them in a theatre? If so, what is the space like? Are you putting them a club or in your room? More info like that will help us make better suggestions.


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I really like the Coemar Ispots w/ the 575w lamp. Used, you should be able to get them at that price. A buddy of mine just picked up one for less than $1k, but i doubt that deal will ever be repeated.
Also, the fixtures run on a 120v circuit (at 12 amps).

Dual rotating gobo wheels, and the zoom is incredibly robust. I have fixture envy.


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A lot of things to consider. I think you will find some of the better 250w lamp products are nearly as bright as an older 575w lamp product. Just like a S4 575w can pretty much replace a 1000w older style par can.

When I spec fixtures for an event, I make a list of priorities for the fixture and then find 2 - 3 best choices, then send those out for bid. I also include features that are "must have" so if the proposal comes back with something not on my list I can make sure it will have those features that are important to me.

For example, maybe I need a moving light with color mixing and framing shutters. I believe Vari and Clay Paky offer products with those features so I will include those features in the specifications. But if a vendor comes back with a Robe or Coemar product, I'll look at it to make sure it fills the bill.


First off, thanks for the inital suggestions! The price constraint is what initially made me post. The application would be in a small theatre (30'x20'?) with a throw of around 30' from our FOH dimmers. Featurewise I would like to have a color wheel, but aside from that as long as it dims it will suit our purposes.

The higher 575W output is a preference so I won't be limited later when I wish I had sprung for it.


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You might also want an iris if using it for theatre. I find myself using irises a lot with moving lights in theatre for pin spotting or highlighting. The Power Spot 575IE from Elation has an Iris, and also weighs 10 lbs less then the regular Power Spot 575. That 10 lbs is a blessing when handling and moving them. Great fixture for the price. There also isn't a 250w out there right now that will keep up with or out shine a Power Spot 575, not even the Mac 250s. The closest lower powered lamp is a Mac 550s 400w lamp. I can also tell you from side by side they out shine a Studio Spot 575 by a fair margin, which is closer to a 250w by today's standards.

Elation's Design Spot 575 E puts a Mac 550 ($6200 or so) to shame in all but power consumption for the price, but costs more then a Power Spot 575 at 4 grand a piece, much more then your price range. The Design Spot 250 is very nice at $1800 a piece. Its a Power Spot 575 IE with frost and a 250w lamp basically. I would agree with you however that a 575w fixture is better for your application then a 250w. You will find yourself wishing for the 575w often, like you said. I know I do.


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Does it have to be a moving head? Particularly since it sounds as though you'll be using them from an FOH position. Used Intellabeams or Cyberlights, even Technobeams, may suit your purposes and budget.

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