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Mar 20, 2004
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David Hyde

Oct 20, 2014
Johnson City, Tennessee
I'm late to the party, sorry, just saw this one in the weekly email and thought I would add my thoughts. I have a company in Johnson City, TN, Hampton Textile Printing. I have used them for years. They do large fabric printing up to 126" wide using heat transfer. It's really affordable, depending on size its $15 to $60 a yard. They take payments via PayPal on their site and will do tax exempt as well as drop ship anything you want to be printed. They can send you samples of fabrics they print on as well. If you have ever seen the drapes in Holiday Inn or Marriot this is the place its printed from my understanding.

Feel free to look at my portfolio (Shrek and Tom Sawyer) for some examples.

Also Artisan Center Theatre in Hurst, TX started using them when I was there, they still do. They use them now to print their floors and then they glue and poly them down.

I learned about this company from Jonesborough Repertory Theatre in Jonesborough, TN. They have an 8 roll drop setup that I designed for Shrek, the designer of the show did all the drops in Photoshop and send them to Hampton via email and had all of them within a week.

You can look at Jonesborough and Artisan both on Facebook for examples.


Feb 17, 2009
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This happens all the time now in my estimation. Either working from an original hand painted/created artwork or fully digital. You need to know your viewing distances and lighting but this is becoming more and more the norm as the cost of painted drops in the city are getting really pricey. Also I do this all the time for scenic pieces that have to have "artwork" or a detailed flat surface, print cut out and apply.

There are lots of levels, from echod>rosebrand>enchance a color etc. Depending on your budget.

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