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I am working on a show where one of the characters is a lamp. The costume designer has created a hat that loosely looks like a lampshade and now we are working on making it light up when the actor “pulls the chain” which is an earring. Fairy lights are not bright enough and we have tried a few LED options that use a small remote but the range on the remote is not far enough for someone offstage to turn it on. I feel like there definitely is an option we are not thinking of. Any help would be appreciated!!
Wireless DMX controlling some LED lights powered by a battery would be where I go with this. A photo of the hat would go a long way too.
Here are some photos!


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Great. Is the hat put on on stage or off stage? Looks to be plenty of space in there for the small amount of electronics needed to make it work. Or if it is an off stage put on then a belt pack with most of the electronics in it and a hidden wire to the hat.
I once hid a pack of AA batteries under a costume and connected them to a toggle switch to do something similar. (A chandelier costume for halloween) For "lights" I used a chain of Christmas tree (warm white) lights. The batteries give enough juice to light them up. Design a pull cord on a switch, put that in series between the Lights and the power pack and ta-da, instant lamp costume. If the actor has to remove the hat from time to time, then put the entire solution sewn into a false top (inside) the hat. Looks like there is room to hide a bunch of stuff in the top of the hat.

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