Lighting HELP!!


I am desperately in need of some ideas. I would like to setup a complete light setup in a building with only two dead hung pipes, no dimmers and only bare bulbs for current lighting. Now the fun part I need to get everything donated, dimmers, cable, etc. I can pull the intrustments out of anther building so I don't need those, except for maybe some par 56's or 64's. Please help!
I'm with Cup, what kind of event? theatrical or concert style? what kinda inventory are you looking at. 2 dead hung pipes, ok..what about Boom positions? or Truss.

I dont know about donating, but you might be able to get a sponsor, dependin gon the area, the size of the crowd expected, your shows marketing tactics, etc...

Where are you located?

What kind of inventory can you pull from the other building.

Where are the 2 dead hungs?

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