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A while back I recall reading about some software where you could assign sound effects to keys on the keyboard so they would play when you hit the key. I'm not sure if it was here, but I searched everywhere and I couldn't find it. I forgot the name, so if anyone knows I'd like to hear it.
My laptop has "media buttons" for play, pause, stop, next, and previous. I use those for shows most of the time. (you can pickup a keyboard with these keys for a few bucks at any computer store)

My sound card (external USB Audigy 2 nx) also came with a remote with buttons to do all of those functions and more. I use it when I am running a show by my self and have to be over at the light desk, I can run the sound cues from across the room!

Unless I have you wrong, I think you are looking for a program that lets you asign specific sounds to each key of a normal qwerty keyboard. I am looking arround google right now for a program to do that and i'll post back here if i find something.
Ok, wow, that didnt take long. Here are three programs that I found really quickly doing a google search for "make any key on your keyboard play a sound":

I have never used any of these programs, and from the looks of it you could probaby find at least a few more programs like these by looking abit more on Google. I do not know which, if any of these programs are best for your needs, but hopfully this will at least give you a place to start!
I am pretty sure there was a professional program where you could play MP3s as well, but thanks anyways!
sorry i forgot to mention a program called
q manager - made by hammer and tong software
the free version wont let you set up cues on the keyboard
but the full version allows midi control with which you could set up a music keyboard
not quite what your after but worth a look

This post puts me to TD rank ;)
Another option - FREE!

Unfortunately this program is no longer "downloadable" as it's been replaced with a much bulkier version. "Virtual Cart Machine" used to be a simple, free cart deck type it's integrated in a radio automation package and a pain to use. But if you know someone who has the original FREE version, you should e-mail them and ask... ;)

Virtual Cart was not designed for theatre, but this will definitely work. It's VERY no-frills and you'll have to reload sfx into each "button" every time you start the program, but it's perfect if you only need a dozen or so effects handy. You can also reload any "button" to setup for a new scene or whatever. It's very basic and can easily screw you up if you're not paying attention, but it gets my vote for FREE!

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there a program from scala that has a sound program can you can assign keys for certain sounds, or cd track or i think maybe even midi.
I use sound plant at my high school a lot whenever we need effects. I also introduced it to the junior high for a thunder scene, and they loved it.

But it only plays wav files unless you make a contribution to soundplant on the site.

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