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London Internship - Summer '09

Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by Charc, May 7, 2009.

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    Anyone have any thoughts, places to contact, or general information; about a possible (unpaid) summer internship in London for a U.S. High School student (Rising Junior)?

    It would be about 4-8 weeks, in London, accessible to public transportation.

    Interested in general production work. Learns quick. Has rudimentary carpentry/sound experience, and basic lighting / stage management experience.

    Dependent on the mutual assessment of the experience, there could be a January '10 followup internship.

    Trying to coordinate things from across the pond is a bit tough, so if anyone has any sort of of lead, or anything that would help contextualize the London theatre community, that would be great. I know it's big enough that there should be a few things out there that fit the bill, but its a foreign city.

    Either PM or reply in thread.


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