MIDI control


My console (Strand 200 series) allows for a MIDI input to trigger cues and effects. I've used the audio input which of course is based on frequency but I'm wondering should I bother to purchase a din cable for MIDI. Is it that cool and if so how easy is it to set up? Thanks Tom
If a lot of your music comes from synths and sequencers, the MIDI input on your board lets you choreograph the lights as an extension of the music. That can be really cool. However, if lights are all you're using the sequencer for, it's hard to keep the lights and music synchronized.

It should make it possible to perfectly sync special fx, for example syncing a thunder sound effect with a lightning flash cue.
True, but that would require the special FX to have MIDI information on it. That means it needs to be fired on a PC or sequencer.
True, true.

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